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Nothing’s wrong with Jeff except that he can’t really smell. But while his nose doesn’t work properly, it doesn’t keep him from being nosy as hell.

Lea’s been blind since she was born. But these days she seems to be blind on other accounts, too.

Ana has CIPA, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. But just because she cannot feel physical pain doesn’t mean she can’t feel the pain of having her heart broken.

Aleja’s got no sense of taste. Yet she has great taste for very expensive clothing and men.

And Greg, well, he is stubborn. ‘If you call me stubborn because I don’t listen to your advice,’ he’d say, ‘then let me tell you this; why should I listen when I can’t hear?’

Together, they are ‘the Senseless’. Senseless is a word that stands for meaningless, for no purpose. But being ‘the Senseless’ they have a purpose and that purpose is far from being meaningless.

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