For over eight years I’ve been working on my debut novel The Senseless Project. What initially began as a recreational pastime on a cruise has over the years developed into a full-on literary adventure. I mean what else can one do on a gigantic cruise ship full of swimming pools, bars, its own casino, various restaurants and more?


I could easily have gone on and on with writing, because the story never felt complete. I believe my work of fiction may never be complete as it is so utterly and completely alive in my mind. And when has one’s life ever been written down in its entirety as it is still being lived?

Hence I decided to stop procrastinating and start sharing my work with my hopefully many future readers.

I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Read the first few chapters for free:

Now available on as e-book or on the free Kindle app for your smartphone.  A paperback edition will follow in spring 2019!

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